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Email marketing services is one of  the most essential campaign blast that you can do for your business. Email marketing blast will put you one step ahead, whether you need to have high quality newsletters delivered, creative email invitations, or just efficient email promotion.

There are a number of modern Internet tools out there today like social media but email marketing services proves to be one of the most efficient and cost effective way to get your message across to a broad spectrum of people. The complete package should include every aspect of the operation. The best email marketing services offer newsletter designing, email blast/broadcasting, and stats tracking.

Email Marketing Services – Instantly Put Your Message In front of Thousands

1. It is cost-effective but can reach a broad range of people.

2. You can focus your campaign with fined-tuned, targeted email blast.

3. Build a long term relationship with your clients.

4. Increase direct sales leads.

5. Turn prospects into clients right away.

If you need to increase every aspect of your business then you should take advantage of email marketing services. Increase your sales lead generation and turn your prospects into buyers right away!

Don’t Own A Database? No problem!

We own a number of Singapore local as well as regional highly targeted Email Databases, and could help mass market your email marketing campaign to your desired audience. Be it targeting by industries, or specific designations, e.g HR Managers, Sales/Marketing, or top level CEOs, Directors, just let us know and we will customize the most targeted email blast services for your needs, which will drive up your campaign conversions!

100% Spam Compliant

Our Email Marketing services are fully compliant to local SPAM ACT and our clients have the peace of mind to be assured of  no complains about spam whatsoever. Duplicated emails are automatically removed in our system, and our email marketing services manages unsubscription and the databases are automatically updated.

So How Much Does It Cost To Run An Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Broadly, it depends on a few factors – creative, database/list and frequency of blast.

  • Do you have the mailer/design or creative ready, or would like us to design your edm?
  • Do you own a database, or like to tap on our database?
  • How often do you plan to blast?

Pricing ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousands depending on the scope of work.

Fret not! Click here for a FREE no-obligation quote request and one of our Consultant will be attending to you immediately.


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Apr 10, 2012 by Asia Charts

Unlike many of the web-designers, WSM is able to offer comprehensive solution, not just technical
solution. Their design philosophy is more pro-marketing which helps to attract visitors. We have experienced higher traffic to our website since implementation.

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